To kill to live to kill


“The novel behind the album” – Here’s to you who want the “110% experience”. Read it to get the full insight of every story.

An icecold hitman.
An ultra-violent psychopath.
A stunning Japanese sword with a bloody history.

Three things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other, but might just have anyway.

Those are some of the ingredients in this fantastic and exciting story from suburbia-Copenhagen and beyond – in a world that’s not always filled with happiness and beautiful memories.

This is the story that blends the extreme violence of ‘Saw’ and ‘American Psycho’ but makes both seem like a walk in the park

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Do you like to read a good old horror story? Or a splatter story? Or a thriller? Well, it’s all here, all mixed and moulded into one story, called: ‘To Kill To Live To Kill’, written by yours truly. If you liked the movie ‘Saw’, you’ll definitely like this novel, even if ‘Saw’ was for nannies. If you liked the novel ‘American Psycho’ and/or the movie of the same name, you’ll probably LOVE To Kill To Live To Kill…even if it makes ‘American Psycho’ look like a trip to the local kindergarden..

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